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Recent trends in U.S. immigration law

Le 24 octobre 2018
Chilling effects/ social benefits/ immigration/ Draft regulation/ Trump Administration

Several articles point out the consequences of the draft regulation that targets immigrants who receive or received social benefits in the past.

 The impact on legal migrants

The new migration policies also impact legal migrants. Migrants legally present on the U.S. soil refuse to apply to social benefits in order to avoid the refusal of green card applications.

Read the story of Maria published in The Washington Post and discover the story of this skilled doctor and Mexican citizen, legally present in the U.S. Maria is married to a native born U.S American citizen. Her first child is also an American citizen. But when her second child faced medical problems, her pediatrician recommended enrolling in WIC (United Health Centers), which would provide free formula. Maria refused to apply.

For more detail please read this article published this week in The Washington Post: legal-immigrants-heres-how/2018/10/18/9a49e5d4-d312-11e8-b2d2- f397227b43f0_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.3abeb2641fa8  


 The impact on businesses

The regulation over social benefits may also impacts businesses. An article published in

Politico focuses on this point.


A new Trump administration proposal that targets immigrants who receive government benefits could be a major headache for businesses — and many don’t even know it yet.


 The group (New American Economy, a pro-immigration group) found the regulation could hit workers in construction, natural resources, mining, hospitality, recreation and food services, among other sectors.

“You’re not going to know whether your current workers are going to be able to stay or whether your future workers are going to be able to come,” said Jeremy Robbins, the organization’s executive director.”


For more details, please read the article published this week in Politico :