Law firm for immigration to France and the United StatesLocated in Puteaux, close to Paris

You wish to expatriate to France or the United States? Our firm will assist you in the procedures for transfer/immigration and to maintain your status as a permanent lawful resident in France and in the United States.

Immigrate to France…

In addition to assisting you in obtaining an entry visa to France, our team will be at your side throughout administrative procedures once in France – either in the context of a professional immigration, either in the context of family reunification.

However, if your request to enter to France is denied or any other request (naturalization, issuance of a residence permit, asylum status…), you can count on our team to identify the relevant procedure for your case.

… and the United States

We assist in the procedures with the American authorities (USCIS, NVC, US Embassy) for work and family visas to the United States, and assist in petitioning for permanent lawful resident status (green card, family reunification…) or temporary visas (work visas, investment visas, student visas, etc).

We can also support you in the process of obtaining American citizenship as well as in the process of renouncing U.S citizenship.

Business Law, Tax Law and Litigation

We can assist in the necessary procedures related to the creation of a business, a merger and acquisition, tax declarations, and debt recovery. We have a deep know how in these fields and we will make sure to help you in all your decisions on these matters.


You can count on Haywood Wise, Esq.

We have been proposing personalized services for each of our clients since the creation of Haywood Wise’s Law Firm in 2004 in Puteaux, France. Haywood Wise, Esq. works with both private and professional willing to expatriate to France or the United States.

We are committed to providing you clear and long-term solutions and we will engage French and American authorities throughout your process.

Experienced since 1997
Our services
Personal assistance at the Prefecture... … but also to city hall, the Courts and other French/American authorities Up-to-date legal assistance Always updated about the current state of the French and American laws, we will point you in the right direction in order to protect your interests.
Proximity/ responsiveness Always attentive to your needs, we will give you personalized answers to your issues in real time. Advisory Services We will assist you throughout your administrative proceedings and until the conclusion of the case.
Availability at any time You can count on our team to deal with emergencies. Trilingual in French, English, and Russian Haywood Wise, Esq. and his collaborators can deal with your cases in various foreign languages
Our team at your service Eager to meet your expectations, HAYWOOD MARTIN WISE employees pay particular attention to your requests, whatever their complexity. Do not hesitate to call on them in order to be supported in your formalities. Learn more
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