U.S Business and Tax Issues

We can assist you in U.S. business and tax law.

As regards business and commercial law, our office can assist you, in particular, in:

  • S. corporate law (the creation and registration of American commercial companies)
  • Company creation is often a necessary component to professional immigration. Our office can assist to determine the corporate structure that is best suited to your commercial enterprise.
  • Company creation formalities can be performed remotely, as a first step in your professional immigration, even if you are currently outside of the country.
  • Negotiating and preparing commercial contracts
  • Registration of trademarks in both the United States and France

As regards tax matters, , tax and financial reporting requirements for private individuals, particularly for non-residents or for those with assets located abroad, have become increasingly complex. Our office can assist you as follows:

  • Assistance in tax preparation and declarations in the United states
  • Assistance in tax preparation and declarations in the United States, in particular personal income tax declarations and compliance with FBAR/FATCA, Foreign Offshore Streamlined Filing for first time delinquent filers


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