Immigration to France

With their professional experience in French immigration law, the lawyers of Haywood Wise’s Law Firm in Puteaux, can handle with your French immigration case. They will help you to identity the appropriate immigration strategy and category and be by your side throughout the process.

Obtaining an entry visa to France

The French attorney will assist you in properly preparing your entry visa to France for submission to any French consulate all over the world.

Family Immigration

You would like to organize the arrival of your loved ones (spouse, children, parents) in France? Specific French procedure allows for family reunification. A complete study of your file by our team will be necessary to identify to appropriate proceeding to follow.

Professional Immigration

Our team can help foreign businesses and foreign employees obtain the necessary authorizations to work to France (work visa, resident permits “Passeport talent”, “Carte bleueeuropéenne”…) in the context of a temporary or permanent mission.

French naturalization requests, petitions for recognition of French nationality

You have been residing in France for many years and you plan on request the French citizenship. We can take care of your case and assist you throughout this procedure.

Contesting refusals

Our team in Puteaux will also intervene on your behalf before the relevant French jurisdictions about issues regarding denial of residency permits, French nationality or other administrative issues.

France has a surprisingly open and liberal immigration regime, allowing self-supporting professionals and private persons to establish their residence in France, often with little formality. Private persons who simply wish to reside year round in France can apply for a long stay visitor’s status and renew their status in France on a yearly basis. Following the reform of professional immigration in 2016, France has harmonized its professional immigration regime, granting multiple year status to entrepreneurs, salaried executives, investors, artists and other categories of professionals.

The system still suffers from a lack of transparency, so it is best to be as prepared as possible when appearing before a Consulate of France or the Préfecture. Our office will accompany you through the process, making certain that your document packet is complete. We will accompany you, as required, to the Préfecture of your residence for your residency card appointments to ensure proper handling of the applications.


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