Application for a temporary visa to the United States

Our office can assist you in devising a strategy to request a temporary visa to the United States.

One of the primary obstacles to overcome to obtain a temporary visa to the United States is to overcome a presumption of immigrant intent. Indeed, the candidate for the visa must demonstrate that he/she has substantial attachments to his country of habitual residence. This is the most common grounds for refusal of temporary visas to the United States, for business (B-1), leisure (B-2) or studies (F-1), for example.

Of course, an individual entering the United States on ESTA (visa waiver program) or on a temporary visa such as a B-1/B-2 is not entitled to work in the United States, with some exceptions, such as for installation of equipment where a purchase contract is made abroad.

It is also possible to Adjust Status in the United States, while a temporary visa is pending in the United States, or to extend that status.


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