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H1 B Visas unquestionably attacked by the Trump Administration

Le 24 octobre 2018
Different strategies are currently used by the Trump Administration to reduce the duration of the H1 B visas or to deny H 1B visas. It raises concern among the applicants and among american businesses.

USCIS currently reduces the duration of the H1 B Visa, a nonimmigrant visa available for skilled workers, to some days or months as opposed to the typically requested three-year period. A U.S. based trade association has recently filed a lawsuit. Read both articles of Forbes and Times Of India for more detail.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) claims it has the authority to limit the duration of an H-1B visa to any length it believes appropriate. As a result, employers report receiving visa approvals that last for as little as one day, 12 days or, quite amazingly, even expire before they receive them. The chaos this has created for many employers has prompted people to ask a reasonable question: Does USCIS actually possess the authority to limit how long H-1B professionals can work on an H-1B visa? A new lawsuit may answer this question.


For more details please read article published in Forbes: authority-to-limit-visa-duration/#2977378250e6


Article published in Times of India: visas/articleshow/66209813.cms