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France Opens its Visa Offices to all visa categories, ending covid19 restrictions

Le 09 juin 2021
All visa categories now accepted at VFS offices of the Consulates of France in the United States

We have received information from the Consulate of France in Washington D.C. that as of today, the 9th of June, the Consulate of France is resuming treatment of all categories of visas to France at the VFS offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Washington D.C., New York, Miami Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Until today, due to covid19 restrictions, the Consulate of France in the United States had restricted their visa services to limited categories (passeport talents, students, spouses of French citizens). Even for passport talents applicants, those applications were limited to the principals and deprived derivate spouses from benefitting from passeport famille status.

However, now that VFS is receiving all visa categories, this particularly opens up long stay visa applications for non-working visitors.

In addition, this opens up options for professional visa categories outside of the passeport talents framework such as for independent professionals and entrepreneurs who may not meet the capitalization standards for a passeport talents business creation. Indeed, the common law status, what was formerly L 313-10 3° (now L 421-5) of the French Immigration Code (CESEDA)

This is clearly a good development for U.S. persons seeking to establish themselves in France for private or professional reasons.

Please feel free to contact our office directly should you have questions about French visas and administrative status.

This opens doors to both private long stay visitors, and independent professionals and entrepreneurs to France.

We can assist you in the visa application process at VFS offices, with online registration, appointment scheduling, preparation of the file and local registration upon your arrival in France.

This news marks the end of an over one-year wait to immigrate to France from the United States.